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Adam Collings
36 years old
About Me


Adam Collings is an aspiring novelist who works as a software engineer during the day. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Linda, and his children Chloe and Harrison.


Find me at


Bethany Jean
About Me

I'm nineteen and a writer. I love to read, write, ride horses, go skiing, and ice skating. :)



Cindee Snider Re
About Me

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23 years old
About Me

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22 years old

44 years old

About Me

I am a Christian writer of biblical studies and teacher in my church.

24 years old

Debra Elliott
About Me

I am a published author. Currently, I have a book of poetry "LIFE THROUGH THE REARVIEW MIRROR" and I am a contributing author @ christian-books-for-women.


Several of my short stories will be included in  "HEAVENLY HUMOR FOR THE CAT LOVERS SOUL" and Hurray God!

From Carol's Quill
About Me


Liberty Speidel



Tim George
About Me

I write both suspense and speculative fiction (working on a hard SciFi novel). Have been a member of FaithWriters for a number of years.

My web site -

My blog -

About Me

I've been a sci-fi/fantasy reader for many years, and I've even attempted to write in that genre a few times.  Currently, I'm working on a contemporary women's lit series with a Christian worldview.  I've written the first, yet-to-be-published, book in the series and am working on the second.  I still have my last sci-fi attempt in my files (it's a time traveling tale called Solo Flight); I may resurrect it and try to finish it one of these days.


I'm single/never married, and I spend my non-work time with church, writing, jewelry making, photography and hula hooping.  I'm a member of Shepherd's Way Church, an interdenominational congregation where I teach the women's Spiritual Studies class and give an occasional midweek message. 


I also dabble in website work, and I blog at Traci's Tracings and Circular Praise. Online, I'm a member of Christian Writers, Hoop City, and a couple of other sites where I haven't been very active lately.  (I also have memberships on sites scattered throughout cyberspace, but who doesn't these days?)

Tracy krauss
About Me

I am an author of 'Edgy Christian Suspense with a twist of Romance'. I also teach High School Art, Drama and English, am an artist, a playwright, director and creative enthusiast!  I enjoy reading Sci-fi and fantasy along with suspense.
About Me

I am a retired/disabled pastor, I pastored in the United Methodist Church (2000 - 2005), the Church of the Brethren (1987 - 1999) and the Missionary Church (1969 - 1986).


The graphic that I have included means: God's Word, is God's Will, God's Way


The Institution of the Church has crowded God out of the way and has inserted "Church" is God's place.


Shame on the Church!



About Me

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Winner of 2 Liebster Awards

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